River of Life Academy
Preschool Department: K-4

Our program is designed for children to have fun while learning. Our small teacher/student ratios will contribute to a loving and caring classroom atmosphere. We will be using the A Beka curriculum.

Every day will begin with worship, Bible and prayer time. The alphabet will be taught using phonetic sounds to prepare your child for reading. Math concepts will be introduced such as counting and number recognition.

All teachers and support staff are qualified, caring Christians.

Grades Kindergarten thru 12th grade

Our Elementary school will also be using the A Beka Curriculum. Each day will begin with Bible as the first subject of the day. Since our school is in its beginning stages, our enrollment will not yet support a teacher for each grade so we will be using the Master Video Program/Virtual Classroom offered by A Beka. Our onsite teachers will monitor the students and administer tests and check assignments. The class routine will be followed strictly as to insure that every student has completed all of their subjects and assignments for the day.

Our goal at River of Life Academy is to insure that every child has an opportunity to receive a quality Christ-centered education surrounded by Christians who will not only prepare the students for life, but also prepare your child to live as a productive individual who has seen that Christianity is a not just a way but that it’s the only way to live happy and whole and at peace with God.

Basic Philosophy of ROLA

This school was started so that the children in our church and community could be afforded the opportunity to receive a quality education based on the Word of God. Our school is a ministry of River of Life Worship Center and shares in its beliefs and goals to be a blessing to our community and a witness for Jesus Christ according to His great command in Matthew 28:19-20.

We believe that every child is an individual created by a sovereign God.  Our programs will be geared around the fact that God has a purpose for everyone and we want to help each child find that purpose.

We are committed to providing an atmosphere conducive to learning that will motivate the child’s interest while developing skills, good study habits and healthy attitudes necessary to be an effective learner. While developing these skills our emphasis will be for learning and all the while teaching that everything we do is for His honor and glory!


Spiritual Development

Daily Prayer, Praise and Worship.

Weekly Chapel Services.

Christian Character Building.

Understanding God’s call on the individual.

Personal and Social Development

To teach good decision making and problem solving skills.

To teach respect for fellow students, teachers, and parents.

Academic Development

To be challenged to excel and take every opportunity for advancement.

Physical Development

Teach good health and safety issues with outside activities.

Parental Cooperation

We ask that all parents be completely supportive of the school policies and procedures and partner with us in the education of your children by encouraging and supporting them with their academic goals and spiritual development.